About us

We are farmers in the Moora/New Norcia area of Western Australia. Wheat, malt barley & canola are our predominant crops, and we also run merino sheep for wool and meat.

We use modern equipment and state of the art technology in our large cropping program. Variable rate technology coupled with the precision of GPS guidance optimises application of all farm inputs, and yield mapping provides accurate measurement of results. In a world where resources are not limitless, and input costs increase year on year, optimising the outcome for all paddocks and soil types becomes increasingly important.

Our largest crop is malt barley which is sold to local and Asian maltsters. Our canola largely goes to export, the largest market being Asia with some going into Europe. We grow both Noodle and bread wheats for local and oversees markets.

Merino sheep are raised for wool and meat. Wool, the finest of all natural fibres, is sold into the trade. The destination of our wool is the worsted & woollen mills of Italy and China, and is suitable for the finest Italian suits, and fabrics that appear in the fashion houses of the world.

We seek to achieve the highest standards in all we do:

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